Next Semester…

So this semester wasn’t a complete fail. I was able to get a C in both my statistics and math analysis classes. And that grade in analysis was only because I cheated my ass off on the take home test and final. So that was a freakin miracle. However, I totally failed abstract algebra. Seriously, I don’t know how anyone passed that damn class. Damn professor was so unclear on everything. Nonetheless, I’ll be taking it again spring semester.  


So for next semester I’m taking: Abstract Algebra, Linear Algebra, Marine Biology, Math Analysis II, and History of Math. Oh and I’m returning to Concert Band! So wish me luck everyone! There is a good chance I’ll be dropping one or even two of these classes simply because it is academic suicide. And the last time I attempted this was in my first or second year here when it was okay to take a bunch of classes and still get by with decent grades.


Math will surely be the death of me.


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