Next Semester…

So this semester wasn’t a complete fail. I was able to get a C in both my statistics and math analysis classes. And that grade in analysis was only because I cheated my ass off on the take home test and final. So that was a freakin miracle. However, I totally failed abstract algebra. Seriously, I don’t know how anyone passed that damn class. Damn professor was so unclear on everything. Nonetheless, I’ll be taking it again spring semester.  


So for next semester I’m taking: Abstract Algebra, Linear Algebra, Marine Biology, Math Analysis II, and History of Math. Oh and I’m returning to Concert Band! So wish me luck everyone! There is a good chance I’ll be dropping one or even two of these classes simply because it is academic suicide. And the last time I attempted this was in my first or second year here when it was okay to take a bunch of classes and still get by with decent grades.


Math will surely be the death of me.


Math Analysis Test Today

Here’s to hoping that I got at least a 53 (that’s a D) on my analysis test today. I can’t do proofs for shit, but I can memorize definitions and theorems in an hour.

Oh, and someone give me an example of a uniformly continuous function. I was so mad that I couldn’t think of one.


My definitions and theorems flash cards

Math Will Be The Death Of Me

With a math analysis test coming up on Thursday, I should feel some urgency since I haven’t studied at all. I’ve been falling behind in all of my classes. I even had to drop my English class because everything ended up piling up at once.

I got a 45 on my abstract algebra test which is 5 more points than what I got last time. Still super sucky. I don’t even want to know what I got on my stats test that we got back last week. Ugh I’m so behind.

But tomorrow is another day 🙂

Too Many Tests!

This week I had an Abstract Algebra test and a statistics test. I was not ready for either of them. The next test I have to look forward to is another analysis test. It was definitely a bad idea to take 3 math classes in one semester. It’s like overkill. Not to mention two of those classes involve a buttload of proofs, proofs I freakin can’t do! Why why why did I choose this major?




I finally figured out how to find the sample variance. What a bitch that I have to square each number and then add them up. Someone told me there’s a button on the calculator that does that for you, but I’m just OG and calculate everything individually.

Anyway, I’ll be working on the Cramer-Rao Lower Bound stuff this weekend while studying for a math analysis test. And guys, I am the absolute worst person at proofs. That is no joke! But I can do a whole different post about that. Sighhhh

Completely Not Math Related

But I find it very interesting that people are following me. I’m totally new to blogging so it’s kinda cool. Like are people really going to be reading the random shit I say?

Okay, I feel I have to say something math-y. I have stats homework due tomorrow and I still don’t know what the use of confidence intervals are. I had this question that said, “Interpret the interval.” What the eff.

How This Semester Must Be Different Than Most

This is my last year!

Or at least that’s what I’m aiming for. You know how students who do poorly during the semester say they’re going to do better the next time around? Well that was me. For the past four years. And I’ve barely been getting by. With so many C’s and D’s on my record, I’m surprised that I have a 2.5 overall GPA.

But knowing that the end of my academic career is quickly approaching, I have to be in a different mindset. In the past, I waited until the very last minute to bullshit my homework (or just plain copy it from Cramster [now Chegg]) and there was very little to absolutely no studying at all. And paid heavily for it. Say, an extra 2 years in college.

Although I have not done a complete 180 when it comes to getting things done, I have made some progress. Here are some things I’ve been doing:

  • I’ve been trying to keep up with my homework, even going so far as to not copy everything verbatim from Chegg (I still use it, though, to check my work. No, I’m serious!)
  • I’m going to all my classes, which is probably the most important thing to do. Skipping class can become a really nasty habit. And once you do it so many times in a row, you’ll be afraid to come back. I know, I’ve taken a whole month off of classes before.
  • I’M STAYING OFF MY PHONE DURING CLASS! This is the biggest bad habit of mine! I probably blame my phone for most the bad grades I’ve gotten over the past few years. And now that I have an iPhone, the challenge is even greater.
  • I’ve taken the semester off from Concert Band. Band has been an integral part of my academic career as I had originally wanted to be a music major. I started playing in the university concert band during my second year and had been participating up until this semester. Since the class takes place every Thursday night at 7, I felt that maybe taking the time off would help me with my other classes. At this point, I can’t say if actually is helping me. I can say that I miss it though.

Anyway, I’ve decided to actually put some effort into my schoolwork this semester, despite the additional school challenges I already face (but I’ll get to that). We’ll see how this goes.